My Commitment to You

"I will continue my efforts to promote campaign reform, create green jobs, encourage alternative-energy, defend public education, and restore our envied open access to the ballot box."  
- Bob Perry

  • Restore Common Sense to Concord
  • Stand Up for Middle Class Families
  • Fight State Budget Cost Shifting that Increases Property Taxes

Real Issues Require Real Attention and Real Dedication

Campaign Finance Reform
Bob supports campaign finance reform to limit influence of lobbyists in our elections.

Voter's Rights
Bob supports the right of every New Hampshire citizen to vote for their representatives in government, that is consistent with the New Hampshire Constitution. He does not support the use of voter IDs as voter fraud is not a problem in our state.  He would like to increase the use of hack-proof voting machines.

Renewable Energy
Bob supports the use of green energy and the creation of green jobs.  It makes fiscal and environmental sense to power our 21st Century needs with clean, renewable, and affordable energy.

Affordable Healthcare for All
New Hampshire needs to increase access to health care for all our citizens.

Quality Public Education
Bob supports providing high quality education for all of New Hampshire's children.
Defending NH Public Education

My Accomplishments as State Representative 
  • Co-authored HB 285, Ballot Counting Device Advisory Committee, to facilitate the design of an electronic ballot-counting device that cannot be hacked.  Served on the 10-person committee and attended 17 out of 18 meetings, coordinating with public and private entities to reduce the risk of manipulation of election results through hacking of electronic voting machines. Detailed report of the committee's work was submitted to the Secretary of State on December 7,2009.  Safeguards recommended by the report are now in place.
  • Served as Clerk on the 11-member Clean Electronics Task Force, working for badly needed campaign finance reform that would mitigate corporte influence in our elections and end the disparity between wealthy and non-wealthy candidates.  The final report was submitted on December 1, 2010.
  • Co-sponsored SB 491, a NH jobs bill, which establishes a legal preference to NH vendors in the awarding of certain contracts for services.  The bill was signed into law by Governor John Lynch on July 20, 2010.
  • Co-sponsored SB 422, a NH green jobs bill, which would allow small, alternative power producers to sell energy to users in brownfields (environmentally contaminated areas) and economically depressed locations.  The bill was referred to Interim Study on March 24, 2010.

My Concerns as a Citizen of New Hampshire
  • Instead of creating jobs, the Republican majority's state budget will eliminate between 500 and 1000 jobs, and seriously impact state agency response time.
  • Instead of advocating for the middle class, the Republican majority has reduced existing revenue by $100 million, made cigarettes cheaper, education more expensive, provided tax breaks for corporations, and set the stage for substantial increases in our local property taxes.
  • Instead of nurturing a generation of competitive, well-educated leaders of tomorrow, the Republican majority retains two bills that will eliminate public education; the state budget, now law, slashes state aid to universities by almost 50 percent and eliminates social programs and consumer protections.
  • Instead of embracing open access to the ballot box, the Republican majority has created impediments to our fundamental right to vote through required use of certain photo ID cards, inferring that NH voters are not to be trusted, and ignoring what they know to be true: There is no voter fraud in New Hampshire.  Governor Lynch has vetoes this bill.

Republican Priorities in the 2011/2012 Session
  • A bill and resolution to abolish the NH Supreme Court and Superior Courts, a direct attack on the Constitution of the United States of America.
  • Eliminating from the Oath of Office of elected officials any reference to allegiance to the United States Constitution.
  • Multiple bills to eliminate the NH Department of Education, and the NH Board of Education.
  • A bill to repeal the 180-day school year requirement.
  • Multiple bills to repeal public education in New Hampshire.
  • Attempts to repeal public kindergarten.
  • A bill to create an unnecessary state militia at a cost of $500,000.
  • A bill requiring courts to give every woman who gets a restraining order a gun and a box of ammunition, and provide her with instructions on shooting the gun.
  • Multiple bills to prohibit public funding of NH Public Television.
  • Passage of the repeal of the NH Minimum Wage Law.  NH now joins South Carolina, Alabama,  Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana as the only states without minimum wage protections.
  • Passage of a bill requiring voters to produce qualifying photo identification, even after they have been properly registered to vote, inferring lack of trust in NH voters, after testimony from the offices of the Secretary of State and Attorney General that there is no voter fraud in NH.  Approximately 50,000 NH citizens do not have the required ID.

Sylvia Larson
"I would remind you that this budget crisis was not caused by overspending.  Despite what they argue, amidst this Great Recession, under Democratic leadership in 2006-2010, general fund spending grew more slowly in the past four years than any other 4-year period in the last 20 years.  It's our revenues - from business profits, interest and dividends, tobacco & liquor sales, restaurants, hotels, and real estate sales - that have declined in this recession.  Yet, those who will most feel the difference in this budget will again be the middle class of our state who bear three times the tax burden, as a percentage of income, of our wealthiest citizens."
- Sylvia Larson,    Senate Democratic Leader,   June 2011